Zero Days Movie Night

The Nevada Cyber Club hosted a movie night showing of the documentary “Zero Days” about the Stuxnet Virus. The “Vault 7” leaks occurred on the same day of the showing so the club advisor, James Elste, gave a presentation about the leaks to those who attended.

Cyber Clinic #4: Attorney General’s Office

The Attorney General’s office cyber-clinics took place on March 1, 2017, in Reno, and March 3, 2017, in Carson City. Combined, both clinics reached over 40 Attorney General’s office employees. The clinics were a huge success with many employees remarking that the Nevada Cyber Club’s clinics are a wonderful, educational experience.

Club Fair

At the Spring 2017 UNR club fair, the Nevada Cyber Club engaged and recruited students for the upcoming semester.

Holiday Party

To wrap up the year the Nevada Cyber Club held an end of the year holiday party to celebrate the season and the club’s accomplishments. The party included games, food, and the creation of the Nevada Cyber Club gingerbread house.

Cyber Clinic #3: Governor’s Mansion

The Cyber Clinic held at the Governor’s Mansion, served over 175 State employees and their family and friends. Governor Sandoval sent a message to all state employees that reinforced the importance of cybersecurity and highlighted the unique “public health” approach of the cyber clinics by recognizing the need for good “cyber-hygiene.”

NCL – Fall 2016

Nevada Cyber Club members organized to compete in the National Cyber League Fall 2016 Season. Nationally, over 3000 students worked to solve a variety of cyber-security problems in three separate contests over the course of fall semester.

Speaker: Los Alamos National Labs

On November 2nd, the Nevada Cyber Club had a guest speaker from Los Alamos National Labs, Fred Montoya, speak to students at UNR. Mr. Montoya spoke about the work conducted by his team, the daily life of a LANL employee, and the job and internship opportunities that are available to students and graduates.

Cyber Clinic #2: UNR Cyber-security Awareness Month

The UNR Cyber Clinic, conducted on October 27, 2016 at the University of Nevada, Reno, was held in the Knowledge Center Rotunda. The Cyber Clinic focused on informing, and providing guidance to students and faculty on general cyber-hygiene practices.

Cyber Clinic #1: Reno Air Races

We held the first, prototype Cyber Clinic at the 2016 National Air Racing Championships (Reno Air Races), hosted from September 14-18. Cyber Club members interacted with close to 200 attendees gathering survey data on cyber-security practices, creating insights into most critical issues, and preparing the team for future Cyber Clinics.

UNR Hackfest

The Nevada Cyber Club held it’s first Hackfest in the Spring of 2016. Club members learned skills and techniques related to cyber-security for use in competitions and also for developing reference material.