Frequently Asked Questions

The Nevada Cyber Club is an ASUN recognized club based at the University of Nevada, Reno.
Our objective is to teach cyber skills to students, and provide community outreach that will connect members to jobs in the field of Cyber Security (and Cyber in general) upon graduation.

We are also dedicated to conducting research that will help to make advancements in policy, and serve to better inform our community and the cyber world at large.

According to EIN Newsdesk, the current unemployment rate for cyber-security professionals is 0%.
Yes, you read that right, 0%.
The Nevada Cyber Club is dedicated to connecting members to job opportunities in the community.

We have weekly meetings that usually run from an hour to an hour and a half.

We also have different committees and task groups like the NCL training sessions, and the cyber clinic committee that club members can get involved with.

Ultimately, the time commitment depends on you!

There is no membership fee to participate in the club.

The Nevada Cyber club endeavors to pay all fees and costs associated, however, on the rare occasion that we are not able, students may be required to pay a fee to attend certain events.

Yes! Many people fail to realize that only a very small portion of cyber has to do with programming.

Cyber-security is a multifaceted field that incorporates elements of computer science, law, and even psychology.

Absolutely. We accept people of all skill levels, no prior knowledge required!

Many of the activities the club performs – such as developing curriculum and hosting a cyber clinic- are great resume builders!