Cyber Competitions

Members of the Nevada Cyber Club train for and compete year round in both individual and team based cyber-security competitions such as the National Cyber League. We have several members that have scored within the top 10% in the nation.

National Cyber League – Spring 2017 – Team

Team Rank (/150) Members
NCC-1701 4 Alexander Parr, Houston Lucas, Jared Knutson, Ian Grant, Arush Prashar, Tim Muller, Megan Nilsen
NCC-74656 53 Andrew McIntyre, Zach Tucker, Jamie Poston, Ryan Lunt, Jackson Melcher

National Cyber League – Spring 2017 – Individual

Name Bracket Rank (/1874)
Alexander Parr Gold 35
Houston Lucas Gold 68
Jared Knutson Gold 83
Ian Grant Silver 101
Jamie Poston Bronze 111
Tim Muller Silver 160
Arush Prashar Silver 201
Megan Nilsen Silver 258
Nick Bolling Silver 636

National Cyber League – Fall 2016

Name Bracket Score
Alexander Parr Gold 5075
Houston Lucas Silver 3795
Ian Grant Silver 3575
Miles Kiechler Silver 3195
Jared Knutson Silver 3180
Tim Muller Silver 3155
Gurpeet Bal Silver 2890
Arush Prashar Silver 2575
Joe Ravenna Bronze 3190
Logan Long Bronze 2010
Ryan Lunt Bronze 1950

The Fall 2016 season of the National Cyber League was played from October to December. It consisted of 3 individual rounds and a team round. Subjects covered a variety of topics such as Open Source Intelligence, Password Cracking, Web Exploitation, Reconnaissance, and several more. About 20 students from The Nevada Cyber Club competed.

National Cyber League – Spring 2016

The Spring 2016 Season of the National Cyber League took place from May to June. It was a training round where participants could practice on problems as either individuals or teams in order to learn and develop their skills.