About Us

The Nevada Cyber Club is an ASUN recognized club based at the University of Nevada, Reno. The club was founded in Spring 2016 and is advised by by Adam Reed. Our cyber competition coach is Bill Doherty.

Our objective is to teach cyber skills to students, and provide community outreach that will connect members to jobs in the field of Cyber Security (and Cyber in general) upon graduation.

As a club, we are dedicated to conducting research that will help to make advancements in policy, and serve to better inform our community and the cyber world at large.

Guest Speakers

We’ve hosted the following guest speakers at club meetings:

  • Shanna Rahming (State of Nevada)
  • Dan Manson (NCL)
  • Marcos Palacios (Fortinet)
  • Aaron Walker (UNR)
  • Shaun Rahmeyer (Nevada Office of Cyber Defense Coordination)
  • Tony Rucci
  • Brandon Peterson (DRI)
The Cyber Club
Has Three Rules
No unauthorized or illegal hacking.

The Nevada Cyber Club has a zero tolerance policy on the unauthorized or illegal use hacking or cyber skills. We are here to train whitehats, not blackhats.

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